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Death surrounds us, but so too does life—existence by its very nature is traumatic.  A void has been created by our own humanity. Art elevates us from our animalistic impulses and begins to fill this void. The act of living and creating is a revolt against despair. My practice is the constant materialization of reflecting upon the human experience and mortality. It is an ongoing search for the physical symbols that reveal an eternal spiritual realm and mirror the feeling of being human: whether it be the human body, bones and artifacts, landscapes and waterfowl, sexuality and Tarot, or meditations on isolation and death.

The common thread through all of my work is the expression of the trauma of existence as narrated through the people, objects, symbols, and experiences this life reveals. Art in its highest form, seeks to express our actuality, both the fallen and the divine. This is why art is so essential: the creation of art by its very nature continually connects our finite bodily forms to an infinite divine Being.


Studio Paul Joseph Vogeler

253 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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